Kousoku Recycler

Kousoku Recycler

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Possible to wind up the reel line quickly on the empty spool and store it and rewind the reeled line on the reel (easy to adjust the tension).
Suitable for winding a new line on a reel.
Perfectly secured with a clamp to an object, such as a desk.
Easy to use in a speedy manner with a 3.5x speed handle.

● Size (excluding shaft): 204 × 86 × 74 mm
● Weight: 400 g (including shaft, nut, and color)
● Max. clamp mounting width: 35 mm
● Maximum installation width: 80 mm
● Gear ratio: 3.5:1
● Shaft diameter: 8 mm
● Accessories: Shaft, nut, color, and screw

● How to wind line from reel onto an empty spool

1) Screw the mandrel fully into the threaded portion of the main spindle.
2) Secure the spindle and mandrel with the screw. Remove the screw from the mandrel. (A screwdriver is required)
3) Set the empty spool and plastic collar on the mandrel and tighten them with a black nut.
4) Mount the product to an appropriate object, such as a desk, with a clamp screw.
5) Loosen the tension adjustment screw.
6) Tie the line from the reel to the empty spool, and turn the handle and wind the line.
* Guide the rod with your free hand so that the line from the spool will not come off.
7) Immerse the line after winding it up in lukewarm water so as to remove salt and peculiar curling and keep the strength of the line.

● How to rewind line on the reel

1) Mount the product to an appropriate object, such as a desk, with a clamp screw.
2) Mount the spool in the above way.
3) Adjust the tension adjustment screw to the desired strength.
4) Wind the line on the spool.

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