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The new Daiwa Ninja BG LT is the successor of the legendary Ninja BG. The new LT model captures the eye aesthetically, but also functionally. And the best part lies in its price. The Daiwa Ninja BG LT is definitely a value for money reel. Due to the integration of the LT concept, the Daiwa engineers succeeded in reducing the reel's weight significantly. Thus we could realize a reduction of weight of over 10%.

The novel Tough Digigear, with has former been used within much more expensive reels, equips the Ninja BG LT series with an improved power transmission and an even smoother running compared to the previous version.

The integrated ATD drag within the Ninja BG LT provides a distinctly stronger drag power (up to 10kg) and an immediate functioning of the drag without starting resistance – ideal for application with thin lines during critical fights with the fish. With the Ninja BG LT Daiwa presents a novel and optimized sequel of the globally successful Ninja series.

Another thing that will impress the angler about this reel is how smoothly and evenly it reels. Linear drag without sudden stretches makes the reel perfect even for finer braids.

The New Ninja BG LT is a much better model in all possible ways, it surpasses its predecessor and all this at a very, very good price.

  • LT Light & Tough
  • Air Rotor
  • Tough Digigear
  • Twistbuster 2
  • Infinite Anti Reverse
  • DS4 Body / Rotor / Sideplate
  • LC-ABS Aluminium Spool
  • ATD Drag
  • Aluminium Machine Cut Handle
  • Shaped Handle Knob


3000-C   5.3:1   250g   80cm   10lb/0.25mm/120m, 12lb/0.28mm/100m   10kg   4 
4000-C   5.2:1   280g   82cm   10lb/0.25mm/190m, 12lb/0.30mm/130m   12kg   4 
5000-C   5.2:1   275g   87cm   150m/0.37mm   12kg   4 
6000   5.1:1   370g   92cm   150m/0.40mm   12kg   4 


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