Drag Metal Cast Shot

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Drag Metal Cast Shot


Length [15g] 47mm, [20g] 53mm, [30g] 60mm, [40g] 67mm
Weight 15g, 20g, 30g, 40g
Hook [15g] Front: Assist Hook & Tinsel # 8
Rear: Treble Hook & Blade # 8
[20g] Assist Hook & Tinsel # 11
Rear: Treble Hook & Blade # 7
[30g] Assist Hook & Tinsel # 13
Rear: Treble Hook & Blade # 6
[40g] Assist hook & tinsel # 13
Rear: Treble hook & blade # 6

There is no blind spot with long-distance casting ability + blade effect! !! Drag metal shot debut.

The rear center of gravity balance setting for casting far away and the flat side body willow blade

hook system are adopted, and high output flushing and high appeal just by winding.


is a lure that attracts the target just by searching for a fish from a wide range, throwing it and winding it, and it is easy to get an action image with the vibration transmitted to the hand.


PHA0002 Rainbow

PHA0009 pink back

PHA0011 Sardine

PHA0026 Akakin

PHA0055 Green Gold

PHA0187 Burupin sardines

PJA0045 Pink Gold Zebra Glow

PJA0101 Zebra Glow

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