Evergreen Bank Shad 58

Evergreen Bank Shad 58

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Evergreen Bank Shad

Wobblers of the "shad" shape are rightfully considered the most versatile. They are noticeable from a long distance, not especially inferior in this to the pot-bellied "fats". They are great at catching evenly and often have jerky animations. And, importantly, their shape perfectly imitates most forage fish species. It doesn't matter which body of water - a river in Russia or a large reservoir in Japan.

Bank Shad - As the name suggests, a bait for fishing in shallow places. Due to the depth from one meter to one and a half and excellent flight characteristics, Bank Shad is the best suited for active "combing" of shallow water areas.

Moreover, the bait allows you to "comb" in a very different mode - both with fast retrieving in the summer, and with unhurried delicate animation at low water temperatures and low fish activity. The wobbler is floating, which is often in demand when fishing overgrown waters. When paused, the bait pops up, and often it is at this moment that the bite occurs! And it is easier to vary the wiring horizon with such a wobbler - if the depth decreases, let the bait float up and drive it a little slower.

The rather thin blade of the wobbler gives it a very useful property - it starts to play even at the slowest speed of the drive. And relatively large tees will allow you not to miss out on large production.



Length - 5.8 cm, weight - 5.0 grams. 15 colors. Floating.



 Evergreen Bank Shad Color Card

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