Graphiteleader Finezza Prototype 20GFINPS-752L-T

Graphiteleader Finezza Prototype 20GFINPS-752L-T

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Power Action Weight 
Top Dia 
2.26 L. F. 87 115.5 1.0 1-10 PE0.2-0.6 



Titanium frame Torzite ring K guide is adopted for all models. The photo is a bait model.
Titanium frame Torzite ring K guide is adopted for all models. The picture is a spinning model.
The spinning model uses a lightweight and slim VSS reel seat with a down lock. The bait model uses an ECS reel seat that enables highly sensitive and delicate rig operation.
By minimizing the grip part, it is lightweight and enables delicate rig operation.
The joint is a high-precision spigot ferrule that achieves a smooth bending curve.
Grip end design.


Aggressive = Power (strength) 
More wide range = Distance (distance) 
more accurate = Accuracy (direction) This is 
a concept unique to Graphite Leader 

A fishing rod must be strong. Tenacity that does not lose to the target fish is also important. It is light and has excellent operability, but has immeasurable power hidden inside. I believe that this is the only way I can confidently take the initiative during a fight.

In addition, lure rods require long casting performance that can attack a wide range. Moreover, the distance ability with accuracy performance allows you to deliver the lure to the target spot more accurately than just skipping it. A good rod can only be said to have a good balance of Power, Distance, and Accuracy.

PDAS theory changes golf

As with lure rods, we believe that the performance required for golf shafts is formed by P (Power), D (Distance), A (Accuracy), and S (Sensitivity). Graphite Leader's shaft achieves a shaft design that best matches every golfer by arranging these four elements in a well-balanced manner.


Blanks material

More tenacious blanks, more light operability, and high sensitivity characteristics that resonate more. Providing the best blanks for the required actual fishing performance is the reason why we are the leader of graphite leaders.

By interweaving carbon fibers that are arranged in a 45° direction, the uniformity and directionality of the lamination density are increased compared to the braided fabric, and the thickness is increased, so it is resistant to bending, twisting, and compression. , offers even better properties. As a result, the blanks bend back (shape restoring force) quickly, so energy loss is minimized, and it is possible to achieve a feeling of playing, good swing, flight distance, and accuracy. 
■ Adopted products: fishing rods and golf shafts

This 4-axis fabric is a special 4-axis fabric unique to OLYMPIC. By tilting the angle of the diagonally arranged fibers up to 63.4° and assembling them at a higher density, it is possible to create a light and rigid blank. It will be possible. With a multi-axis structure combined with other 4-axis fabrics and plain weave carbon, even higher performance blanks performance can be achieved. 
■Adopted product: fishing rod

SUPER QUATTRO GRAPHITE CLOTH LV is the lightest 4-axis fabric. 23% weight reduction without compromising the kinetic energy effect of the 0°90°45° fiber. It is effective for things that require tighter and lighter weight, and for use with small diameters. 
■Adopted product: fishing rod

"Super Quattro Graphite Cloth" has a structure in which the fibers are wound with a precise fine pitch, and the fibers in each direction are made highly elastic, resulting in significantly improved exercise performance. 
■ Adopted products: fishing rods and golf shafts

The elastic modulus of graphite fiber is raised more than that of graphite cloth, making it even lighter. This is a high-grade fabric that greatly contributes to weight reduction while maintaining the excellent mechanical properties that are characteristic of the cloth base material. Vertically and horizontally woven mid-modulus carbon fibers create high rigidity in all directions, boosting the potential of the shaft to the next level. 
■Adopted product: golf shaft

The weight is the only weak point of graphite cloth, which creates a feel that cannot be achieved with unidirectional fibers alone. However, when considering the layout that also has a balancer, an outstanding feeling was born. By changing the angle with respect to the blanks, we have adjusted the balance of torsion and crushing rigidity to create the optimum feeling. 
■ Adopted products: fishing rods and golf shafts

The difference from graphite cloth is weight and molding thickness. This is a thin woven fabric that is approximately 10% lighter in weight while maintaining the same vertical and horizontal fiber composition ratio. Unlike the graphite cloth, the silhouette of the cloth is different from that of the graphite cloth. 
■ Adopted products: fishing rods and golf shafts

Lightweight graphite cloth is the lightest super fabric among fabrics. While maintaining the feeling of graphite cloth, the degree of freedom of layout is increased, bringing a new feeling. 
■Adopted product: fishing rod

Composite fabric of Kevlar fiber and carbon fiber with high strength and excellent impact resistance. It boasts outstanding strength and feeling that could not be achieved with carbon alone. By winding the blanks in a bias cut, the multi-axis effect is demonstrated, and the strength in the direction of twisting and crushing and the follow-up performance of the blanks are improved. 
■Adopted product: fishing rod

Kevlar®'s strength and modulus are intermediate between those of carbon fiber and glass fiber, making it a super fiber with particularly high toughness. By weaving the fibers, we have adopted a biaxial fabric that has been devised to soften the impact, and the combination of rigidity and vibration absorption energy has greatly contributed to improving the shaft performance. 
■Adopted product: golf shaft

Hybrid Boron, in which boron fibers are arranged at regular intervals on aligned carbon fibers, creates a metallic feeling that cannot be achieved with carbon fibers alone. Boron fiber, which has a tensile modulus of elasticity as high as 40t, not only creates an exquisite feeling, but also dramatically improves the shaft's motion performance. 
■Adopted product: golf shaft


Pursuing higher quality materials

We reexamined the carbon prepreg material itself and focused on resin, another material that makes up the carbon fiber and prepreg. Therefore, by using a high-performance prepreg (carbon fiber resin-impregnated sheet) that combines "Torayca® T1100G" and "Nanoalloy® technology application matrix resin", we have achieved a significant increase in bending elastic modulus while maintaining toughness. . Furthermore, by adopting high-modulus state-of-the-art carbon fiber "Torayca® M40X", a rod and shaft with even higher modulus was born.



"Torayca® M40X", which pursues both fiber strength and elastic modulus to the extreme, has improved strength by about 30% while maintaining the same elastic modulus as conventional 40t carbon fiber.



Toray Industries, Inc.'s carbon fiber "Torayca® T1100G", which achieves both high strength and high modulus, is the highest strength 33t carbon fiber developed for next-generation aerospace applications.

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