Graphiteleader PROTONE

Graphiteleader PROTONE

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I'm going to catch it powerfully. A completely new proton.


The long-awaited spinning jigging model has been released from Proton. The blank formed by thicklying low-resin carbon is strengthened with the unique "G-MAPS" technology of the Olympics. When operating the jig, you can operate it as you want with a light force with a tip that follows obediently. When the fish caught and the load occurred, it bent slowly from the fore grip and finished in a rod that can compete head-on with large blue fish. The guide uses a SiC-S ring for a stainless steel frame with excellent strength. A new proton that can compete hard. Please give it a try.



A short jig around 100g and a semi-long type around 120g are just right. For water-eye and mackerel aiming in a relatively shallow field up to a depth of 70 meters. Brisize also has the power to lock the drag and float it. I'm good at both one pitch and swimming. For near-sea jigging.

Action Weight
Top Dia
Max jig
PE (No.)
1.88 Regular 207 188 2.4 1 140/180


Blanks Material

More tenacious blanks, more light operability, more resonating high-sensitivity characteristics. The provision of the best blanks for the required actual fishing performance is the leader of the graphite leader.

By weaving carbon fiber crossed and arranged in the direction of 45 ゚, it demonstrates even better characteristics for the strength of bending, twisting and compression as it is molded to wall thickness while improving the uniformity and direction of the lamination density than the fabric. As a result, the return of the blanks (shape restoration) is fast, so we were able to minimize energy loss, and we were able to realize the feeling of playing, good swinging, flight distance, and accuracy.
■Adopted products: Fishing rods and golf shafts

This 4-axis fabric is a special 4-axis fabric unique to the Olympics, and by tilting the angle of the fiber arranged diagonally to 63.4° and assembling it to a higher density, it is possible to create light and rigid blanks. . With a multi-axis structure combined with other 4-axis fabrics and plain weave carbon, you can achieve even higher performance blanks performance.
■Adoption product: Fishing rod

SUPER QUATTRO GRAPHITE CLOTH LV is the lightest 4-axis fabric. Succeeded in reducing the weight by 23% without compromising the kinetic energy effect of 0°90°45° fiber. It is effective for those that require tighter and lighter weight and use in small diameters.
■Adoption product: Fishing rod

"Super Quattro Graphite Cloth" has a structure that wraps fibers with a precise fine pitch and highly elastic fibers in each direction, and greatly improves athletic performance.
■Adopted products: Fishing rods and golf shafts

The elastic malulus of graphite fiber is raised and lighter than graphite cloth. It is a high-grade fabric that increases the degree of freedom in the layout of lightweight shafts and greatly contributes to weight reduction while maintaining excellent mechanical properties that are also a feature of cross base materials. Medium elastic carbon fibers woven vertically and horizontally create high rigidity in all directions, pushing the potential of the shaft to a higher level.
■Adoption product: Golf shaft

The only weakness of graphite cloth, which creates a feeling that can't be done with unidirectional fiber alone, was the weight. However, when considering the layout that combines balancers, an outstanding feeling was born. By changing the angle to the blanks, the balance of twisting and crushing rigidity has been adjusted to create an optimal feeling.
■Adopted products: Fishing rods and golf shafts

The difference from graphite cloth is the weight and molding thickness. It is a thin fabric composed of about 10% lighter than the fiber composition ratio of vertical and horizontal. The silhouette of the appearance is also different from the graphite cloth, and the squares, which are also a feature of the carbon pattern, are largely reflected, and it also has a visual impact that is light but strong.
■Adopted products: Fishing rods and golf shafts

Light weight graphite cloth is the lightest super fabric among textiles. While keeping the feeling of graphite cloth as it is, the freedom of layout increases and brings a new feeling.
■Adoption product: Fishing rod

High-strength and impact-resistant Kevlar® fiber and carbon fiber composite fabric. We are proud of the outstanding strength and feeling that we could not do with carbon alone. By wrapping it with a bias cut against the blanks, it exerted a more multi-axis effect, and the strength of the twisting and crushing direction and the follow-up performance of the blanks have been improved.
■Adoption product: Fishing rod


※"Kevlar®" is a registered trademark of E-I Dupont de Nemour and Company.

The strength and elastic modulus of Kevlar® is a super fiber with intermediate characteristics between carbon fiber and glass fiber, and is particularly tough. By weaving fibers, we adopt a two-axis fabric that has been devised to relieve shock, and both rigidity and vibration absorption energy contribute greatly to improving shaft performance.
■Adoption product: Golf shaft


※"Kevlar®" is a registered trademark of E-I Dupont de Nemour and Company.

Hybrid boron, which is evenly spaced with carbon fibers and boron fibers, creates a metallic feeling that cannot be achieved with carbon fiber alone. Boron fiber with a tensile elastic malement of 40 tons not only creates an exquisite feeling, but also dramatically improves the athletic performance of the shaft.
■Adoption product: Golf shaft


Pursuing even higher quality materials

We reviewed the carbon prepreg material itself and focused on resin, another material that makes up carbon fiber and prepreg. Therefore, by using a high-performance prepreg (carbon fiber resin impregnated sheet) that combines "Treca® T1100G" and "Nanoalloy® technology application matrix resin", we have achieved a significant increase in the bending elastic modulus while maintaining toughness. In addition, with the adoption of the state-of-the-art carbon fiber "Treca® M40X" with high elasticity, a higher elastic rod shaft was born.

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