JACKALL Bin-Bin Stick RB

JACKALL Bin-Bin Stick RB

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Length 6'6 "(1.98m)
PCS (passage number) 2
Weight 100g
Lure(g) JIG MAX 80g
Line(lb.) PE 0.6 ~ 1.2




Compatible to Casting TAIRABA fishing. Spinning model specialized to shallow fishing.


A spinning model that supports TAIRABA who cast in a wide range in the shallow area and explore laterally. It is a taper and guide setting that allows you to easily get a long distance by undercasting from the boat edge. A highly versatile model that also can use for sea bream jigging.



Uses a original multi-point guide setting. With the excellent hand sensitivity, there is a marking tip specification in order to be visualized for bite. This will support small thread dandruff and pecking such delicate at the time of wearing the bottom when the fast tide.

Uses Fuji Industries Alconite Guide (TOP is stainless steel / SiC guide). A reliable component that reduces damage to the line with excellent quality and design.

Adopted center cut 2pcs design. It is highly portable and very convenient for fishing trip on public transportation such as bus and train.



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