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Flag Trap


Super light jigging (SLJ), which is gaining popularity in offshore salt water games, is a style where you can enjoy various targets by using light tackle and small metal jigs in the inshore field, and it is easy to enjoy and the big hits are even more exciting. 

“FLAGTRAP” is a super light jigging metal.  It has a smooth fall which flutters due to the weight distribution slightly towards the rear.  This weight distribution and flat body shape allows a flashing and tricky action during a jerk.

Further assist hook tie made of the original silicon rubber is set, the appeal by fluttering at the time of the fall and during the action, firmly by the mark when biting fish in it to highlight the position of the hook hooking up bring to you.

Enjoy offshore jigging with a wide range of targets such as young-yellow tail and red sea bream, SEABASS (Suzuki), grunt, scorpion fish and rockfish.

Original Assist Hooks

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