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Ringed Eye Jigging Hook to Realize Fantastic Hooking Performance

Ringed eye hook with medium heavy wire that can endure against strong pulling power by large target.

Extra sharp hook point assures to have amazing penetration even at hard jaw of the fish at once, it enables to realize smooth hooking without feeling the thickness of the shank.

Designed to be cylindrical shaft in wire, the greatest advantage point of Grippy, it can prevent from hooking off because it becomes hard for pinned hole without spreading by means of making use of the flexibility by means of the structure of round shaft that can weaken the pulling power of the target.

Besides, designed the hook weight to be as light as possible by adjusting the ringed eye to be the narrowest size to the limit to be able to put a cord through.

Tin silver plating has given on the surface to realize high Anti-Rust performance.

We have variety of assist hooks by using this JIGEN Grippy. You can fish targeting large Bluefish and Tuna by Jigen Grippy Assist series.


Size Color Qty / Pack JAN code MSRP
#4/0 Silver 7 4949146036299 600
#5/0 Silver 6 4949146036305 600
#6/0 Silver 5 4949146036312 600
#7/0 Silver 4 4949146036329 600
#8/0 Silver 3 4949146039375 700

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