KAHARA 6.5 inch aluminum pliers slim type

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  • The body is made of aluminum alloy, and the weight is 120g, which makes it easy to use.
  • The tip parts are made of rust-resistant stainless steel with a titanium coating.
  • Uses a tungsten steel cutter to easily cut PE lines!
  • All models come with a lanyard to help prevent falling.
  • A convenient 3-way multi-holder that can be used in various scenes is standard equipment.

Multipurpose Aluminum Pliers

*CNC machined from aluminum alloy. 
*Excellent antirust even used in saltwater. 
*Replaceable stainless steel sprit ring jaws coated by Titanium. 
*Strong replaceable tungsten carbide cutters,cuts braided/PE lines and monofilament lines effortlessly 


*Split ring inner diameter 3mm ~ available 
*Lanyard and special holder included 
*Length: 185mm 
*Weight: 110g 



pink/silver dark green/silver
: 4562208061154
Dark green 
JAN : 4562208061147

Split ring opener structure (ring opener structure)

Mat Black JAN 
: 4562208067538


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