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Bottom cranking shad with a different dimension of root avoidance ability

The Rozan Teshad 63MR, which was developed as a size-up model of the popular Rozan Teshad 57MR, is


Small face streamlined body with movement and vibration of 63 mm or more, but the silhouette seen from the small face and slender tail


A model compatible with modern high pressure fields of 63 mm or less.


The maximum depth of the dive range is 2.4m and it can cover the bottom and middle layers that could not be covered by 57MR.


Even in the middle layer, you can appeal to a wide range of buses with a roll-based wobbling roll that is just rolled.


Even beginners can easily handle it with stop & go from just winding and twitching from just winding.


The lure is easy to use with a spinning and bait tackle that produces exactly the intended movement.

Length 63mm
Weight 6.8g
Type Magnet type center of gravity movement / suspend
Range 1.8-2.4m
Hook # 8
Ring Hook eye # 1.5

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