TAFS Short assist fangs (single)

TAFS Short assist fangs (single)

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Compatible with light games
Excellent effect at the rear! !!
Glitter appeal With
Keimura flasher
Compatible with super light jigging

Uses a bright hook that has penetrating power, prevents shortage, and has holding power.
With Keimura flasher, it induces a bite to the hook and reduces miss bite and disparity!
Can be set on the rear / front for casting, jigging, etc. Short specifications that can be set in various ways It
is also effective when there are many roots in the treble hook.

Penetration Power And The Holding Power The Fish Used By HIKARI Hook.
Keimura Flasher And Flashing Effection Make The Fish Much.
You Can Put It On As The Front Hook And The Rear Hook By Jigging And Castiing Game.There Are Many Way To Use.
You can use it instead of treble hook in case of the area where ther are many rock in fishing.


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