Tide Minnow LANCE 120S

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Length 120mm
Weight 17.5g
Type Center of gravity movement / sinking
Range 0.3-1m
Hook # 6
Ring Hook eye # 3


Tide Minorance 120S that pierces the headwind like a spear! Limited release in Hokkaido

To the hot angler in the north. Specially designed New body focused on the sea Sakura and Umiame!




What is the exclusive body for Umi Sakura and Umiame?


The answer we gave is long distance performance and lustrous baitfish-like action.


Tungsten weight x 3 and steel weight x 1 are built into the body that is not too thin, and the best balance is selected.


Designed to fly like a tear even in a headwind and stabilize the flight attitude. Enables stress-free casting.


Swim action is a wobbling roll action that is conscious of bait fish.


Although it is a sinking body, it reacts quickly to jerk twitch and you will be able to meet salt trout with high dynamic vision without being cut off.


Tide Minor Lance! A new breeze to the North Sea!

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