VANFOOK USL-23 Ultra Spin Lock

VANFOOK USL-23 Ultra Spin Lock

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Perfect Combination: Barrel Swivel x Interlock Snap

Perfect combination parts using interlock snap on Ultra Spin Barrel (UB-13), the versatile barrel swivel that designed to prevent from line troubles by fantastic spin performance.
Vanfook gave splendid PTFE coating on it to realize higher spinning speed.

Also, it enables easy way to change your lure and variety of terminals by the combination of interlock snap.
Amazing anti-rust performance by means of PTFE coating with our newly developed technics has given on the surface, it assures to use in variety of fields either saltwater or freshwater.


Size Color Qty / Pack JAN code Strength (Lb.)
#12 Fusso Black (PTFE) 8 4949146039504 30
#10 Fusso Black (PTFE) 7 4949146039511 30
#8 Fusso Black (PTFE) 7 4949146039528 30
#6 Fusso Black (PTFE) 5 4949146039535 41
#4 Fusso Black (PTFE) 4 4949146039542 50
#2 Fusso Black (PTFE) 3 4949146039559 50

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