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Model Reel type Length
Lure WT
Line WT
FB63-1 IKARI Baitcasting 6' 3" ~120 PE ~1.5
FS63-1.5 IKARI Spinning 6' 3" ~130 PE ~1.5
FB63-3 IKARI Baitcasting 6' 3" ~170(Short) ~240(Long) PE 0.8~2
FB64-5 IKARI Baitcasting 6' 4" ~210(Short) ~280(Long) PE 1.5~2.5
FS64-5.5 IKARI (S) Spinning 6' 4" ~210(Short) ~280(Long) PE 1.5~3
FS64-5.5 IKARI (W) Spinning 6' 4" ~210(Short) ~280(Long) PE 1.5~3
NEW FB55-10 IKARI Baitcasting 5'5" ~320 PE 4~6
NEW FS55-10 IKARI Spinning 5'5" ~320 PE 4~6

Phenomenal strength

Super elastic jigging rod equipped with the IKARI Blank(PAT.No.7061787)


The FOKEETO IKARI is a super elastic offshore jigging rod, featuring ZENAQ’s novel proprietary technology: the “IKARI Blank”.

Until now, blanks this thin have never had the lightening-fast recovery or extreme durability of the IKARI, which make them ideal for all types of jigging. No longer do anglers have to bring a variety of rods with them in order to properly work different types of jigs; IKARI rods excel at working all types of jigs, from slow and short to semi-long and even long jigs.

IKARI rods also allow anglers to chase larger fish with smaller and lighter set-ups due to the blanks’ unprecedented elastic limits. With these rods, fatigue and missed hits are concerns of the past; ultralight, ultra-sensitive, and ultra-strong, these rods are designed to maximize your enjoyment of the offshore jigging experience.

Feature. 01

Universality of jig control


The IKARI’s high elasticity and sensitivity make this rod ideal for any kind of jigging style. Whether slow-pitch or high-pitch jigging, the IKARI’s ideal action and smooth recovery impart the best action to your jig. Before, many rods were needed for different types of jigging, but the IKARI’s breakthrough design allows it to replace an entire arsenal of previous-generation rods. The IKARI’s fast recovery accelerates jigs through the water faster, improving their action. Allowing you to cover more of the water column without doing more work in a day of jigging, IKARI rods help you save your energy for fighting the fish.

Feature. 02

Fighting fish with high rod angles


With the IKARI’s carbon core, you do not have to worry about your rod breaking during a fight as you would with a high-modulus tubular graphite blank. Instead of fighting fish directly off the reel, which decreases the force you can apply while wearing down your reel’s gear train, you can fight the fish with the rod. By repeatedly pumping with the rod and reeling up the line gained, you can exert a greater force on the fish. The IKARI blank helps you land larger fish faster while minimizing your strain and fatigue, as the rod absorbs the majority of the load.

Feature. 03

Ability to protect thinner lines


Modern braided PE lines have almost zero stretch. Therefore, when fighting fish directly off the reel as traditional slow-pitching jigging would have anglers do, lines take the brunt of fishes’ surges and headshakes, which can and do break lines with even relatively low drag settings. However, because IKARI construction allows anglers to fight the fish with their rods, the rods act as shock absorbers to protect the modern superlines we all enjoy jigging with. For situations where thin mainlines and/or leaders are imperative to success, IKARI rods stand a cut above the rest in ensuring that you can use your line to the fullest.

Feature. 04

Two-piece construction of ease of transport


The handle and guide sections of each IKARI blank are two separate pieces. With an impressively short length of only 140 cm (55 in) when collapsed, the IKARI is a fantastic option for anglers who like to travel with their favorite rods. The placement of the adjoining pieces has been carefully calculated; it is important that the weight and rigidity of the ferrule do not unbalance the rod. The IKARI disassembles at the top of the handle, which increases the stiffness of the blank under the handle to improve the transmission of force for fighting fish.

Feature. 05

Less fatigue in use


We understand what it means to fight big fish. This is why we build our rods to absorb more of the load to take the stress off your body so you can enjoy the fight more. Since these rods are so well-balanced, it is easier than ever to control your jigs precisely, allowing you to fish longer with no sense of fatigue.

Feature. 06

Essential Rod Weight


In today’s fishing industry, there is a tendency to try and create the lightest rods possible. We feel that, in this pursuit, too many vital characteristics are sacrificed, including durability. When we created the IKARI series, we considered many factors—jigs, lines, reels, and of course, target species. We decided on what we believe to be the optimal balance for the IKARI: a rod that you can jig with all day with a minimal effort and lean into with confidence when you hook your next personal best

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